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Introducing the Artsy crew

Our crew is all family right now, three sisters. We have all found our passions and talents and we love helping others find their creativity, talents and passions. Whatever we can do to support you, please let us know.

Founder / Designer
Michele Barrett
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I'm a Creative with an RN. That makes me a natural teacher and caregiver. I am very passionate about helping YOU find your inner artist and teaching you to use it to have fun again, reduce stress, invest in others by creating gifts for those you love!

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Support Specialist
Sherry Burdsall
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I'm the support person. My passion is helping people get the most out of their experience. We are all here to help you find and make the most of your newfound talents. I help you find what is in your heart and share it with those you love.

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Photographer / Animal lover
Robin Maier

I'm a passionate animal lover, as you can see with my beautiful friend, Annie. I am also an inspired Photographer. I love finding God's beauty in the simplest things in nature. I also love astounding people with amazing photos of their precious pets.

Chief Barketing Officer

I'm Kermit one of the menagerie of pets in the family. I appear in several videos as a talking dog. I like to help with Barketing campaigns.

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