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Printed photos and self-esteem

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

There is extensive research showing that carefully chosen printed photos can be effective in boosting self-esteem especially in children.

Have you ever wondered what value you have in this world? Have you ever felt like you don't have much impact on others? You feel weak, small or not very powerful? Imagine that this is how your child feels. This is what low self-esteem feels like. Children and adults usually have a difficult time sharing these feelings.

“If you suspect that someone you love feels this way would you want to do something to help them feel better about themselves?”

Of course you would! I believe that right now we need to be salt and light to a hurting world. Consider a kernel of salt; it is tiny but bursting with flavor. It has the potency to preserve food and enhance flavor. Consider the small flame of a candle. In a dark room that small flame can light the whole room expelling the darkness.

We have the power to change lives!

We need to spread kindness and love to others through words, thoughts and actions that embody God's goodness. In a unique and loving way, you can allow others to experience the Lord's presence in their lives by uplifting them as a good parent, child, spouse or friend.

To help people do this I am offering a Course; "Inspirational Origami". My passion is teaching you how to display printed photos of a certain kind in a very powerful way that is almost guaranteed to build a deep and lasting relationship with each of your children at every stage of their growing up.

A framed photo is nice but it doesn't tell enough of a story. Photos in your phone or on your computer are not easily accessible for your kids to look at when they need a boost or some self assurance. The type of photos you select for your display are critical to send the kind of message you want to convey to your kids.

If you are interested in learning what type of photos to select and how to display them in a stunning and creative photobook to produce the desired impact of improving someone's self-esteem and confidence ... Stay Tuned! Get on the waitlist for The Course.

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