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Hello, I'm Michele and I'm an Artist.

I create ART to share my Heart with you!

When everyday life gets hard,

I paint or create something artistic or decorative.

It doesn't change my circumstances, but it lifts my spirit.

I feel God's presence and I follow His leading.

Thoughtful and meaningful hand-crafted Gifts

given from the heart...

That is what I hope My Art is for you!

A piece of my art could be your best gift idea yet!

As an Artist...

When I'm designing my birdhouses and my paintings I draw my inspiration and my materials from nature and animals. I love spending time in the woods or at the beach finding all of the natural materials to create my rustic birdhouses and Froggy Pads. Using what God makes available to create the art He helps me envision is very uplifting and satisfying. It feeds my soul!

My Paint Party Classes

Are You Creative?

Common response: "I don't think so."

Let's Jumpstart Your Creativity!

Creating Art is very Therapeutic!
You can learn to embrace Your Creativity,
grow your confidence and Create something Amazing!
Taking an Art Class can be healing, a great time spent with friends, a way to meet new people or a much needed
break from the stress of everyday life.

 To reserve Your Spot!

My Artist Journey

What would you like
your art journey to be?

Get to Know Me

My Artist journey started when I was 14 and took an art class for fun. I painted 2 seascapes in oil and I was hooked. I continued creating art until I graduated from Nursing School and began my 35 year career as an RN.  I continued to do "Creative" projects whenever I could but my full time job, which I loved, took up most of my time. The last 20 years of my nursing career was in the corporate world as a Clinical Consultant. That position allowed me to use my creativity more which gave me great JOY! I left my corporate position to move my precious Mom back to her hometown to help her cope with her new reality of Dementia. As her primary caregiver, I was able to use my artistic talents to make a living at home. I began to  create Memory Books, first for Mom, then for families who wanted to celebrate the lives of their loved ones. This was therapeutic for them but mostly brought Joy to Mom which in turn filled my heart, You can see some of the books I created on the "What Makes Michele Special" page. After 8 years of care, Mom went home to be with the Lord and I returned to the medical field. At age 70, I retired and began my new career as an Artist!  God is so cute and we walk on this journey together. I am "Buzzing With Excitement" to share my ART with YOU!

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